Sunday, September 25, 2011


Good morning,
There are many new areas of potential employment that could be open to our residents with only a small amount of skills training.  Things like organic gardening both for personal use and to participate in an enhanced farmer's market, retrofitting houses with more energy efficient technology and passive energy technology, renewable energy installation, and processing of animal products.    We could also teach some more basic skills like woodworking, fiber arts, and cooking healthy food using raw ingredients.

Envision a not too distant future where the farmer's market in Lafayette becomes so vibrant and so comprehensive that for six months of the year it simply isn't profitable for Walmart to stock produce.  This is only impossible if you don't believe in it!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Let's Talk!

I'm just going to post my first ideas for setting up an initial meeting here in gool ole' Lafayette, TN.
The following text comes from a leaflet I have put together.  If you are interested I may be able to send you a file and you can print some of these to distribute.  The finished version has a nice heading that includes some of the cool things we would like to support like farms, schools, fun, health, and food along with the title Resilient Lafayette.  I welcome your input.  I really hope for this to be an us not a me.  By myself, I can do nothing but together, we can  do surprising things.

The world is watching the economic ball bounce and hoping it will somehow bounce back near to where it once was.
A growing number of folks are suffering the
consequences of the economic decisions by people who will never even know that Lafayette exists.  We would like to discuss a positive vision for the future of Lafayette, TN.  A future where the security of our daily needs is less dependent on far removed
decision-makers and more dependent on the strength and determination of our local people.
If you are among the growing number who wish they felt more secure about the future and want to talk about what Lafayette can do to be resilient in the face of issues as diverse as lost jobs, an interruption in food supply, or fuel shortages, contact us at:
Let’s schedule a town hall meeting!